• Please select product based on your special request or from our website

  • If you have Promo Code you can use it

  • Continue to fill your delivery order information, Greetings and shipping addresses

  • Payment via Transfer: BCA 

  • Delivery can be paid COD or via BCA transfer

  • Choose your delivery date. Please note the available delivery date will be 2 days in advance, if you need it earlier, contact us by phone.

        Before 3PM WIB, we will ship the order on the same day

        After 3PM WIB, we will ship the order on the next day.


  1.   ​Order by Phone / SMS:Call us at: +62 819 0100 2929 Specify your product selection including delivery information and greetings you wish to include in the                        order. Send us your payment receipt to Flowermaison@gmail.comWA: +62 819 0100 2929 / Line : Flower.maison


  2.   Order by E-mail
        * Please list all of your order informations to Flowermaison@gmail.com including:

  • Customer Information

  • Billing Address

  • Recipient Information

  • Delivery Information

  • Product information / Special Request

  • Greetings

  • Payment Method

Q: Does FLOWER MAISON provide a greeting card?
A: Yes we do. All the message will be printed on FLOWER MAISON's GREETING CARD

Q: How to make an order?

A: The order can only be made by WHATSAPP, LINE & EMAIL. NOT from the website.  For our contact details, please navigate to the CONTACT US webpage.


Q: How long do we have to put the order?

A: To avoid disapointment, it's best to put your order H-4 especially if you're ordering import flowers such as: hydrangeas, tulips, ranunculus etc.


Q: Urgent orders? (below H-2)

A: Contact us directly to check ready stock flowers, maybe we can still help you.

Q: Do we offer delivery service?
A: Yes, we do. Delivery service is ONLY available within Jakarta & Tangerang area for now from Monday to Sunday (8am - 5pm). Earliest delivery from our workshop at North Jakarta is around 8am.
Q: How much is the delivery fee?
A: Delivery fee is vary depends on the location. Contact us directly for details.
Q: The delivery fee is too expensive. Can FLOWER MAISON use another courier services instead (for example: Go-JeK, Grab-Bike, etc)?
A: If the customer wishes to use another courier service such as Go-JeK, the customer shall book the Go-JeK themselves & we will give our full address. By doing so, we have no responsibility if the flowerbox is damaged during the delivery process / delivery delay etc.
Or the flower can be picked up on our workshop at North Jakarta. Please contact us directly for further details.

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10 roses Rp. 390,000

20 roses Rp. 490,000

30 roses Rp. 560,000

40 roses Rp. 620,000

50 roses Rp. 750,000

60 roses Rp. 800,000

70 roses Rp. 880,000

80 roses Rp. 990,000

90 roses Rp. 1.200,000

100 roses Rp. 1,500,000

Rose Colour​


Red, White, Soft pink,

Shocking pink, Purple, Yellow,

Orange, Peach, Rainbow

Special colour: Black , Silver, Gold, Blue, Green.

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